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Welcome to I couldn’t help but wonder…! 

It all started in a little block of flats called Rose Court where we lived next door to each other. We watched many movies, shared hundreds of take-aways, drank thousands of bottles of wine and one day an idea was born – to create a partnership blog where writing and illustration would merge together. 

Over the past few months we have been writing and drawing, often into the wee hours in the morning, often sacrificing our precious family time. But despite us being constantly busy, our men supported us wholeheartedly and without complaints. So a huge thank you to them for being so great and understanding. 

As we started writing and drawing we realised that there were so many stories to be told. You will find articles about relationships, beauty and fashion and a whole series called ‘Wicked Stepmother’. All this, and much more, is accompanied by beautiful illustrations to bring every piece of writing to life. As the blog grows, there will be other sections to add, so watch this space!

We both have loved creating and bringing ‘I couldn’t help but wonder…’ to you. So browse around, ‘like’, ‘follow’, ‘pin’,’ link’ and most importantly enjoy the blog. 


Tash and Caz

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