Friday, 17 July 2015

What men really think

What men really think

It is a truth universally acknowledged that women never stop thinking. We can accommodate thousands of thoughts at one time, create much ado about nothing and successfully have a full blown argument over ‘what we thought someone might’ve said’.

However, if that someone happens to be our beloved, it gets a lot worse. The misunderstanding begins as a spark and gets fuelled by an unending supply of thoughts that we regenerate prodigiously on a daily basis. Until eventually it explodes into an inferno.
If Mr Chateauneuf and I kept diaries, this would’ve been an account of events for last weekend.
‘Dear Diary
It was a glorious Saturday morning. I jumped out of the bed and hit the gym while Mr Chateauneuf was getting ready to go for a bike ride.
I was ten minutes into my cross trainer session when he came to kiss me good bye. We briefly discussed our plans for the day and off he went – all happy and cheerful.
A couple of hours later he came back home and I noticed he was a little subdued. I thought he was simply exhausted after his bike ride so I drew him a bath with oils and salts, got a fresh towel out and while he was soaking, I went downstairs and cooked him an omelette.
After bath and lunch he settled in front of the TV for his usual sport-something-or-other-match which inevitably turned into a couple of hours nap.
But even after his bath, lunch and nap he was still distant. While cooking dinner he barely said a word to me. I asked him if everything was ok or if I had upset him, but he only smiled and said everything was fine. Over dinner the boys did all the talking, completely oblivious to how quiet their daddy was.  
When we got to bed, I snuggled up to him and whispered ‘I love you’. He mechanically smiled ‘I love you too’. He then reached for his phone and remained glued to it for the rest of the night.
As I rolled over to my side of the bed, I couldn’t help but wonder, is this it? Is this how the most beautiful romance in my life ends? I am losing him and I don’t even know why, is it possible to stop loving somebody in one day?
That night I cried myself to sleep, he didn’t even notice. There was a massive wall between us.’
Mr Chateauneuf:
‘Dear diary
There is something wrong with my bike brakes; I wonder what it is…’

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